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Linkse Engelstalige, door de PvdA geïnfecteerde krantje dat niemand leest. Noemt onze Geert een valse profeet en een racist. Ook wordt onze leider er met een (neo-)nazi vergeleken. Walgelijk!

So The Economist thinks attacking Islam and The Koran is dangerous stupidity?
Utter rubbish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
IT IS BALDLY NEEDED. Thank God someone has had the guts to do it at last.
Marx said that the criticism of religion is the basis of ALL criticism. There can be no freedom without it. The Economist dishonestly says American conservatives sympathise with Wilders. Only? I AM AN INDIAN LEFTIST, and I SYMPATHISE WITH WILDERS>
DAULATRAM wrote: Oct 8th 2010 11:49 GMT

More and more Dutch are fed up with the looney left and its political-correct censorist police. It was for years the leftist ideology, just as in the UK, to flood the country with illiterate immigrants from mainly muslim country's, after al it's the left's new electorate. Changing our city's beyond belief. Intolerance against gay's and non-muslim women is endemic in Holland now. Are hate mongering imams prosecuted by the 'anti-racism' industry? No! Their critics are! The world upside down. The left plundered the working taxpayer and subsidised the lazy and inactive, for decades. Enough is enough. Holland now shows Europe the new way, a bright new future without looney lefties and islamophiles!
boris the dutchman, The Economist, Oct 8th 2010 1:17 GMT

Hmmm.. it seems the PvdA (the Dutch socialists) have infiltrated the Economist. Disregarding the growing public support for this coalition, stereotyping non-city dwellers, factual inconsistencies (no focus on infrastructure???), quoting a far-left economist; Come on, Economist, this is all a bit to easy.
JayJayV wrote: Oct 7th 2010 4:29 GMT

"Maybe the state should not be in the business of prosecuting politicians for their offensive views."
Maybe? Has the Economist sunk so low that it isn't even sure about whether prosecuting people for their political views is appropriate? China, North-Korea and Iran - all of which prosecute people for their "offensive" views - are ecstatic. Freedom of speech for the Economist, but not for Wilders, apparently. Disgusting.
GeertAkbar wrote: Oct 7th 2010 4:17 GMT